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People's Resource Center

Who We Are

Food Pantry: PRC provided 7,441 families with 36,233 grocery carts filled with a week's worth of nutritious food, including fresh produce, frozen meats and bread.

Clothes Closet: 1,764 unique households selected gently used, seasonally appropriate clothing for their families.

Homelessness Prevention: 115 families received financial assistance to help pay the rent and regain housing stability.

Social Services: 786 families were connected to additional social services including SNAP (food stamps), emergency financial assistance, utility assistance, and health care.

Adult Learning and Literacy Program: 495 adults enrolled in ESL classes, studied for GED and citizenship exams, or worked with tutors to achieve their learning goals. 251 children boosted their academic skills through our hands-on Summer Science Program.

Computer Access and Training: 1,020 unique adults registered for computer classes. 701 families received free refurbished computers for their homes. 907 families received free repairs and maintenance for their home computers.

Job Assistance: 125 people found jobs with guidance from PRC job mentors. 246 individuals received job assistance services.

Art: 240 adults and 510 children developed their self-esteem and creativity through PRC art programs.

What We Do

Since 1975, People's Resource Center (PRC) has been bringing neighbors together to respond to hunger and poverty in DuPage County.

Nearly 30,000 DuPage residents rely on PRC for help each year. With a team of over 2,400 volunteers, we offer nutritious food and other basic necessities like clothes and rent assistance for people facing tough times.  And we connect people with resources—education and tutoring, jobs, technology, art, a caring community—to create a future of hope and opportunity for all.

PRC is able to provide these services because of the generosity and support from our neighbors. More than 1,500 volunteers work with our small staff offering  time, skills and resources to help their neighbors. Donors contribute food, clothing, books, computers, and money to support our work.  The majority of our support comes from caring neighbors right here in DuPage County.


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