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Court-Ordered Community Service

For individuals, who have been ordered by the Court to complete community service hours, please read this information carefully. 

If the Court-Ordered Community is not to be supervised by the DuPage County Probation Department, locate a site that will accept community service volunteers by selecting the ‘volunteer’ tab.  Read below steps before searching for a site.

  • Individuals will have to report the progress of ordered Community Service to the Court.
  • To ensure that mandated community service hours are completed by the required Court date, secure a community service site immediately following your sentencing. 
  • The site must be a not-for-profit organization, a public body, a church or a charitable organization. 
  • The following are examples of organizations that may be willing to accommodate you and will be accepted by the Court:
    • City, village or township offices
    • Fire Departments
    • Park district facilities              
    • Recycling centers    
    • Public libraries
    • Street maintenance crews
    • Churches                    
    • Food pantries                                           
    • Humane societies   
    • YMCA or YWCA
    • View Court-Mandated Volunteer Opportunities
  • Once you have chosen a site, contact the organization to determine if they are willing to accept you for community service. 
  • Some sites may require you to go through a screening process to determine if you are eligible to complete your hours at that site. 
  • Also, some sites may require you to provide a copy of your court order, identifying the offense for which you are charged and the number of community service hours you are ordered to complete. Not all community service sites will accept all defendants.
  • Sites may have specific requirements for completing the community service hours; for example, they may only allow community service to be completed in the evening or on weekends.  You will need to determine if you can meet those requirements.   
  • Following completion of the required community service hours, obtain a letter of verification from the worksite. 
    • This letter should be on the agency’s letterhead with the name and telephone number of a contact person at the site, your case number, the amount of hours you completed at the site, and the type of work done while you were there.
    • The organization’s State Tax ID number should also be included on the letter.
  • Bring this verification letter with you to your next Court appearance.

For individuals sentenced to Probation (or reporting Court Supervision, with a condition of community service), please contact the Probation Department by telephone at (630) 407-8510 or (630) 407-8490, or via email at